Servia and the Servians by Count Cedomilj Mijatovic Servia and the Servians
by Count Cedomilj Mijatovic

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Editorial Review
Mijatovic's Servia and the Servians-a biography of the author's homeland of Serbia first published in 1908-is his most famous work in English, with multiple printings since it was first released. The Balkan states had been making headlines in the early 1900s, and Europe was showing a great amount of interest in the region, but the public-and their ruling officials-knew very little about the nations themselves. Mijatovic wanted readers to get to know the heart of Serbian people: their beliefs, their celebrations, their literature, and their songs. He called them "the Irish of the Balkans," with all the strengths and weaknesses of character that such an appellation implies. Students of history and sociology, as well as anyone with an interest in Eastern Europe, will find this a unique and interesting book. Serbian writer and statesman CEDOMILIJ MIJATOVIC (1842-1932) was one of the leaders of Serbia's Progressive Party. He became the minister of finance at the age of thirty-one and passed many important reforms, including the development of a new currency and protections for the poor. He wrote a number of books in English, including A Royal Tragedy. Being the Story of the Assassination of King Alexander and Queen Draga of Servia (1906) and The Memoirs of a Balkan Diplomatist (1917).

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