America Speaks: A Library of the Best Spoken Thought in Business and the Professions by Basil Gordon Byron America Speaks: A Library of the Best Spoken Thought in Business and the Professions
by Basil Gordon Byron

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There is need for a codification of the newspaper laws which would be separate and distinct from the same laws when applied to individuals. This is quite apparent on its face. For instance, the newspapers and magazines are no longer local in their influence. They are national in their circulation, therefore in their influence. You go down upon the streets of our city to-day, and you can find for sale newspapers and magazines from every large city in the world. -from "Newspaper Law" When this collection of speeches and essays was published, global civilization was facing some of the greatest challenges of the 20th century: the truck and the automobile were transforming industrial and personal transport; the airplane was shrinking the planet; international diplomacy and politics were still settling into a new postwar dynamic. Here, some of the greatest minds in the corporate, legal, governmental, and sociocultural arenas share their wisdom on the current state and possible futures of the United States in this formidable new era. From new frontiers in law to the burgeoning power of the consumer, from the coming conflicts over religion to the potential of the federal government to shape the new society that was being born, a new world was being born. Discover the thoughts of the men who were inventing it, including: Louis Brandeis . Clarence Darrow . Benjamin Cardozo . Haley Fiske Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. . Herbert Hoover . Henry Cabot Lodge Julius Mayer . Andrew Mellon . John D. Rockefeller, Jr. . Charles M. Schwab and many more.

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  • Published on: December 01, 2005
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