Twelve Studies on the Making of a Nation: The Beginning of Israel Twelve Studies on the Making of a Nation: The Beginning of Israel's History
by Jeremiah Whipple Jenks
Charles Foster Kent

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How many realize that most of the problems which Israel met and solved are similar to those which to-day are commanding the absorbing attention of every patriotic citizen, and that of all existing books, the Old Testament makes the greatest contributions to the political and social, as well as to the religious thought of the world? -from the Introduction A reinterpretation of the Bible in light of the troubles of the modern world, this 1912 work examines the lessons the Old Testament can teach us regarding taxation, the centralization of authority, the battle between religion and politics, public morality, and other civic and governmental matters. Essays cover: . Man's Place in the World . Man's Responsibility for His Acts . The Criminal and His Relation to Society . The Power of Ambition . The Origin and Growth of Law . The Foundations of Good Citizenship . and more. American scholar CHARLES FOSTER KENT (1867-1925) was president of the Association of Biblical Instructors in American Colleges and Secondary Schools (now the American Academy of Religion) from 1910 to 1925. He is also the author of The Makers and Teachers of Judaism and A History of the Jewish People. American economist JEREMIAH WHIPPLE JENKS (1856-1929) was professor of political economy at Cornell from 1891 to 1912, and later professor of government at New York University. He also wrote Principles of Politics and Governmental Action for Social Welfare.

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