The Fall of the Dutch Republic by Hendrik Willem van Loon The Fall of the Dutch Republic
by Hendrik Willem van Loon

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Editorial Review
When the unexpected happened, and the British were beaten by the Americans, van Goens, who as we have mentioned before considered himself half an Englishman, was very angry, and his anger directed itself against the first persons with whom he could connect with the cause of his annoyance. Amsterdam's secret negotiations with America had just then been discovered, and from that moment on Amsterdam meant to van Goens the incarnation of all those forces of influence of which he thought most pernicious for the weal of the country. -from "The Patriots" One of the most popular writers of all things historical in his day, Hendrik Willem van Loon took a particular pride in this 1913 work. Filling in the blanks of the general American knowledge of the story of Holland, this Dutch-born, American-educated author explores the history of his native land from the perspective of one both proud of its accomplishments and and realistic about its propects. From the political development of the republic to its grand personages, infamous wars, and eventual decline, this is an informative and entertaining read. OF INTEREST TO: history buffs, readers of Dutch culture ALSO AVAILABLE FROM COSIMO CLASSICS: van Loon's The Rise of the Dutch Kingdom (1915), The Golden Book of the Dutch Navigators (1916), A Short History of Discovery (1917), and Ancient Man (1920) Dutch-American author, journalist and illustrator HENDRIK WILLEM VAN LOON (1882-1944) was the first winner of the prestigious Newbery Medal for outstanding American children's book for his The Story of Mankind. Acclaimed for his ability to depict history in a lively and entertaining manner for children and adults alike, he was a popular lecturer and radio personality, equally comfortable on informational programs and celebrity quiz shows.

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  • Published on: April 01, 2006
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