Totemism and Exogamy, Vol. III (in four volumes) by Sir James George Frazer Totemism and Exogamy, Vol. III (in four volumes)
by Sir James George Frazer

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Editorial Review
This classic four-volume series-from a pioneering ethnographer, first published in 1910-remains a foundational work of comparative mythology and religion for scholars and armchair anthropologists alike. Exploring the interconnections between myth and ritual in how and whom we may marry-as group marriage gave way to individual marriage-questions about religion and social structure became intertwined. In any case, this is a fascinating look at the social underpinnings common to all peoples around the globe. Volume III continues Frazer's ethnographic survey of totemism, here covering totemism in the United States, Canada, and Central and South America, with a special emphasis on the guardian spirits and secret societies of American Indian tribes. Scottish anthropologist SIR JAMES GEORGE FRAZER (1854-1941) also wrote the classic The Golden Bough (1890), Man, God, and Immortality (1927), and Creation and Evolution in Primitive Cosmogonies (1935).

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  • Published on: January 01, 2010
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