The Prairie Traveler: A Handbook for Overland Expeditions by Randolph Barnes Marcy The Prairie Traveler: A Handbook for Overland Expeditions
by Randolph Barnes Marcy

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Editorial Review
Literally a life-or-death guide to traveling the prairie lands, The Prairie Traveler: A Handbook for Overland Expeditions is a guide written for new emigrants in the late 1800s as they traveled to the West. During and soon after the Mormons began traveling to Utah, settlers and pioneers across the country began migrating further and further West in their search for a new life. As the government began getting reports that thousands were dying because they were unprepared for the harsh journey, the U.S. Army commissioned Brigadier General Randolph Marcy to write a guide for wary travelers. The Prairie Traveler not only warns pioneers of the harsh journey and describes the rough conditions they would face, but also suggests items to pack, the time of year to travel, the useful habits of American Indians, and the best routes to travel along the way. An absolute essential for any emigrant during Manifest Destiny, The Prairie Traveler is an interesting read for history buffs and The Oregon Trail game enthusiasts. RANDOLPH BARNES MARCY (1812-1887) was a Brigadier General in the U.S. Army. His work greatly assisted pioneers and settlers in the Western migration across the United States in the 17th and 18th centuries. Marcy was born in Massachusetts and graduated from West Point Military Academy in 1832. In the course of his military duties he spent time in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Utah, and the Rocky Mountains area. His extensive knowledge of the terrain, climate, and obstacles made Marcy the ideal candidate as author for The Prairie Traveler, which helped thousands of unprepared emigrants travel the unknown Western territories.

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  • ISBN-13: 978-1-61640-345-4
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  • Published on: August 01, 2010
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