The History of The Standard Oil Company (2 volumes in 1) by Ida M. TarbellDanny Schechter The History of The Standard Oil Company (2 volumes in 1)
by Ida M. Tarbell
Danny Schechter

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Editorial Review
As modern-day muckraker Danny Schechter writes in his new introduction, exclusive to this Cosimo Classics edition: "In this era of financial crisis compounded, and even perhaps enabled, by a dearth of investigative reporting, it is valuable to go back in time to learn from the work of great journalists with the courage to have taken on avaricious corporations and irresponsible business practices. "Perhaps no book demands our attention and respect as much as the one now in your hands. The unabridged edition, long out of print, of Ida Tarbell's study/expose of the history of the Standard Oil Company is an American classic, a model of careful research, detailed analysis, clear expository writing, and social mission. It has been hailed as one of the top ten of journalism's greatest hits." In this book, offering Volumes I&II, Tarbell explores: • the birth of the oil industry • the rise of the Standard Oil Company • the "oil war" of 1872 • the beginnings of the oil trust • the first interstate commerce bill • battles over oil pipelines • the marketing of oil • the political response to Standard's domination • breaking up the oil trust • competition in the oil industry • and more. IDA MINERVA TARBELL (1857-1944) is remembered today as a muckraking journalist, thanks to this 1904 blockbuster exposé. Originally published as a series of articles in McClure's magazine, this groundbreaking work highlighted the dangers of business monopolies and contributed to the eventual breakup of Standard Oil. Investigative journalist DANNY SCHECHTER is editor of and author of numerous books on the media, including Plunder: Investigating Our Economic Calamity and the Subprime Scandal (Cosimo). For more, see

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  • Published on: October 01, 2010
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