State Papers and Speeches on the Tariff by Frank W. Taussig State Papers and Speeches on the Tariff
by Frank W. Taussig

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One of the most prominent authorities on tariff issues impacting the United States at the turn of the 20th century and a founder of 20th-century trade theory here collects papers essential for anyone wishing to understand the foundations of international trade in the modern world. In one volume, you'll find. . Hamilton's Report on Manufactures (1791) . Gallatin's Memorial of the Free Trade Convention (1831) . Walker's Treasury Report of 1845 . Clay's Speech on the Tariff of 1824 . Webster's Speech on the Tariff of 1824 American economist FRANK WILLIAM TAUSSIG (1859-1940) was professor of political economy at Harvard University, longtime editor of the Quarterly Journal of Economics, and an advisor to U.S. president Woodrow Wilson during World War II. He is also the author of The Tariff History of the United States (1888), the two-volume Principles of Economics (1911), and International Trade (1927).

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