ARYAN SUN MYTHS: The Origin of Religions by Sarah E. Titcomb ARYAN SUN MYTHS: The Origin of Religions
by Sarah E. Titcomb

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Bostonian SARAH ELIZABETH TITCOMB (1841-1895) was a student of comparative religion. Like many, she questioned the similarities between Christianity and older religions from other parts of the world. After extensive study, she produced in 1889 Aryan Sun Myths, The Origin of Religions, a scholarly work that thoroughly describes and analyzes the overlaps between preexisting systems of belief and Christianity. Touching on key aspects of most religions (in particular, symbology, cosmology, and dogma), Titcomb provides a compelling tour of Egyptian, Hindu, Celtic, Buddhist, Aztec, and Arabian mythologies, pointing out their similarities to-and possible influence on-the relatively new Christian tradition. From the ubiquitous Tree of Life to the Crucified Savior, Titcomb offers a fascinating glimpse into the design of Christianity, the most popular religion in the modern world.

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  • Published on: April 15, 2007
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