THE PLEROMA: An Essay On The Origin Of Christianity by Paul Carus THE PLEROMA: An Essay On The Origin Of Christianity
by Paul Carus

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Christianity, according to Paul Carus, is the "grandchild of ancient paganism," its character predetermined by everything that came before it, growing naturally from preceding ages to become "the fulfilment of the times, the pleroma of the ages." Arguing that Christianity was derived not from Judaism but was the legitimate result of "the religious development of mankind," the author presents his case, in this work first published in 1909, for the "gentile character" of Christianity. While his interpretation may be provocative, his explorations into paganism, Gnostic movements, kindred sects, and the origins of Judaism make this book essential reading for anyone interested in the history of religion. American philosopher and theologian PAUL CARUS (1852-1919) also wrote The Religion of Science (1893), The Gospel of Buddha (1894), and The History of the Devil (1900).

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  • Published on: April 15, 2007
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