COSIMO is a specialty publisher for independent authors, not-for-profit organizations and innovative businesses, dedicated to publishing books that inspire, inform and engage readers around the world.

Cosimo was inspired by Cosimo de Medici, the first of the de Medici dynasty, who ignited the Renaissance, one of the most important cultural and artistic revolutions in Western history. This quest for enrichment is the foundation for Cosimo and is reflected in the work that we do for our authors and their audiences.

Our Customers include:

  • Authors
  • Academic Audiences
  • Bookstores (Online, College and Independent)
  • Libraries and other institutions
  • Avid readers around the world

Mission Statement

Our mission is to create a smart and sustainable society by connecting people with valuable ideas. We offer authors and organizations full publishing support, while using the newest technologies to present their works in the most timely and effective way.

Our Imprints

COSIMO BOOKS-Books to Inform & Inspire

COSIMO BOOKS offers fine books that inspire, inform and engage readers on a variety of subjects, including personal development, socially responsible business, and economics and public affairs. Cosimo Books publishes with the following groups:
  • Authors who are experts, speakers, consultants, and academics who want to make their voice heard and their message available to readers, colleagues, and others around the world. We specialize in helping authors who want to publish new books fast and effectively or bring their books back in print.
  • Non-profit Organizations, including "Civil Society" organizations, that want to present their mission and message in books, reports, and other publications to their members and larger audiences.
  • Businesses that are on the cutting edge of the economy and that seek to create or customize quality books to spread their unique message, inform their employees and other stakeholders, and enhance their profile.


COSIMO CLASSICS-Literary Treasures Rediscovered

COSIMO CLASSICS brings to life unique and rare classics, representing a wide range of subjects that include Business, Economics, History, Personal Development, Philosophy, Religion & Spirituality, and much more!


COSIMO REPORTS-Public Reports that Affect your World

COSIMO REPORTS publishes reports that affect your world, from global trends to the economy, and from health to geopolitics.


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