An Exciting Alternative in Getting Published

As a specialty publisher for independent authors, organizations, and businesses, Cosimo can help you get published and reach readers around the world fast and effectively.

Although we live in an era of abundance of ideas and information, getting published by a large publishing house is as difficult as ever. Often, one needs the services of a literary agent to even be considered for publication. This means your profit as an author is reduced from a 7-12% royalty to a 5-9% royalty. Midsized publishers are often overwhelmed by the number of new proposals and under pressure to select only the most profitable manuscripts. There are ways to self publish, but that takes time, money, and effort with little promise of a return on investment. However, Cosimo offers an alternative:

For academics, speakers, consultants, journalists, and visionaries with expertise in one of the following fields: personal development & consciousness; socially responsible business; and economics & public affairs:

  • who want to make their out-of-print books available again, or
  • who want to publish a new book

Cosimo can help spread your message to colleagues, peer groups, organizations, clients, or readers quickly and effectively. At Cosimo, each book is developed by a team of professional editors, designers, and online marketing specialists. We are committed to helping you reach your publishing goals and making your ideas available to inspire and inform readers around the world.

Why you should contact Cosimo:

  • Editorial and design experience: we create attractive covers and copy edit manuscripts to ensure quality
  • Expertise with online and niche marketing
  • Global online bookstore distribution: our books will be made available worldwide, printed 24/7 as orders are received, and never go out of print
  • Short timeframe: our books typically move from the contract to publication stage in 3-6 months
  • Use of state-of-the-art digital publishing technology
  • Transparent royalty arrangement based on list price (no advances paid)
  • Attractive discounts for authors ordering their book(s)
  • A cooperative manner of working with authors as our partners, based on mutual engagement toward a successful publishing project

View the complete list of reprints and exciting new titles we offer.

If you are an author or organization who fits the above descriptions has a reprint or new manuscript that you'd like to submit for publication, you can submit an application for new manuscripts here, and for reprints here.

If you or your business would like to learn more about private imprint publishing, a new paid service we offer that allows you to create an imprint for your company that is managed by Cosimo, click here.


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