The Schneider Report: A National Model of Strategic Communication by William Schneider The Schneider Report: A National Model of Strategic Communication
by William Schneider

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Editorial Review
"To succeed, we must understand the United States is engaged in a generational and global struggle about ideas, not a war between the West and Islam. It is more than a war against the tactics of terrorism. We must think in terms of global networks, both government and non-government. If we continue to concentrate primarily on states ([i.e.,] 'getting it right' in Iraq, managing the next state conflict better), we will fail." Strategic defense communications require sophisticated methods that map perceptions and influence networks, identify priorities, formulate objectives, develop themes and messages, leverage new strategic and tactical dynamics and, ultimately, monitor success. STRATEGIC COMMUNICATION: A National Model makes the case for innovative visions in communications in this new strategic environment. This recently released study approaches the subject from every vantage point -- from leveraging the private sector to strategic communication direction, coordination, support, and execution. It also includes summary recommendations for managing information dissemination in the post-9/11 era. THE DEFENSE SCIENCE BOARD SUMMER STUDY on the Transition to and from Hostilities was formed in early 2004 and culminated in the production of this final report and summary briefing in August 2004.

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  • Published on: July 01, 2005
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