The Concept of Consciousness by Edwin  B. Holt The Concept of Consciousness
by Edwin B. Holt

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The present volume does not aim to be a system. It does profess not to forget the initial quest of philosophy.Its scope is limited, for it proposed only to give a consistent account, a definition, of one very common yet perplexing feature of the universe - consciousness" -from The Preface By 1914, when he completed The Concept of Consciousness, Holt believed that objects are as initially perceived, that one could relate conscious experience to physical references and that environment is the determining force in life. Contents of this volume include: . The Renaissance of Logic . Objections to the Programme of Logic . Correspondence: The Particular and The Universal . Further Implications of the Programme of Logic . Our Universe at Large . The Substance of Ideas . The Substance of Matter . The Neutral Mosaic . The Concept of Consciousness EDWIN B. HOLT, (1873-1946) born in Winchester, Massachusetts, was an undergraduate at Amherst College, but transferred to Harvard, receiving his A.B. in 1896. Thereafter, he studied with William James, receiving a doctorate in psychology in 1901. Holt taught at Harvard until 1918, and later served for nearly a decade as a Visiting Professor of Psychology at Princeton, where he was widely acclaimed for his brilliant lectures.

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