The Mystery Teaching of the Bible by Daisy E. Grove The Mystery Teaching of the Bible
by Daisy E. Grove

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[A] symbol for the evolving spirit in man which recurs frequently in the Bible is that of the Builder. It is mind that moulds matter on every plane of existence. From the womb of Infinite Mind issues the creative thought or word (Logos) which fashions the universe. The Great Architect conceives the plan, and through the operation of his will, his wisdom, his activity, it ultimately takes form and substance. -from "Chapter III: The Builder" This "inner interpretation" of the Christian Bible, first published in 1925, looks at Scripture through a theosophical eye, shifting the mystical meaning of one of the world's great works of classical literature through the pan-religious philosophy that was immensely popular in the early 20th century. From the occult meaning of numbers, sacred nomenclature, and symbology of women in the Bible to their connection to Hinduism, Buddhism, and the religion of ancient Egyptian, this unusual work of comparative mythology will intrigue those seeking an uncommon spiritual path. DAISY E. GROVE is also the author of The Apocalypse and Initiation (1926).

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  • Published on: December 01, 2005
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