Free Thoughts on Religion, The Church & National Happiness by Bernard Mandeville Free Thoughts on Religion, The Church & National Happiness
by Bernard Mandeville

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In Free Thoughts on Religion, The Church & National Happiness, prophetic forecaster Bernard Mandeville delves into the dynamics of contemporary consumer culture. Here he presents salient commentary of the measured, steady evolution from our prehistoric predecessors to the modern society we know today. Initial chapters investigate religious issues including the nature knowledge, the societal impact of rites and ceremonies, and ongoing debates about Christian mysteries such as the Holy Trinity and the concept of free will. Subsequent chapters address "hot button" issues ranging from the politics of the church to the use of religion to assess the balance of powers in Britain's government. This volume includes: . On Religion, . Of Outward Signs of Devotion, . Of Rites and Ceremonies in Divine Worship, . Of Mysteries, . of Free-will and Predestination, . Of the Church, . Of the Politicks of the Church, . Of Schism, . Of Tolleration and Persecution, . Of the Reciprocal Behaviour between the Clergy and Laity, . Of Government, and . Of National Happiness. BERNARD MANDEVILLE (1670-1733) was believed to have been born in Dort or Rotterdam in the Netherlands into a family of medical doctors. He was educated at the Erasmian School in Rotterdam, and eventually studied philosophy and medicine at the University of Leyden, receiving his M.D. in 1691.

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  • Published on: April 01, 2006
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