Cyberspace Policy Review: Securing America Cyberspace Policy Review: Securing America's Digital Future
by U.S. National Security Council

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Editorial Review
"The architecture of the Nation's digital infrastructure, based largely upon the Internet, is not secure or resilient." It's a horrifying wakeup call that bluntly opens this report on one of the most serious national security and economic threats the United States-and, indeed, the world-faces in the 21st century. And it sets the stage for the national dialogue on cybersecurity it hopes to launch. Prepared by the U.S. National Security Council-which was founded by President Harry S. Truman to advise the Oval Office on national security and foreign policy-this official government account explores: • the vulnerabilities of the digital infrastructure of the United States • what we can do to protect it against cybercrime and cyberterrorism • how to protect civil liberties and personal privacy in cyberspace • why a citizenry educated about and aware of cybersecurity risks is vital • the shape of the public-private partnership all these efforts will require Just as the United States took the lead in creating the open, flexible structures of the early Internet, it must now take the initiative in ensuring that our digital networks are as secure as they can be, without stifling the unprecedented freedom of opportunity and access the information revolution has afforded us all. This report is the roadmap for making that happen, and it is required reading for anyone who works or plays in the 21st-century digital world: that is, all of us.

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