The Afghan Wars: 1839-42 and 1878-80 by Archibald Forbes The Afghan Wars: 1839-42 and 1878-80
by Archibald Forbes

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The Afghan Wars, written by Archibald Forbes in 1892, is a British account of two Anglo-Afghan wars, fought between British India and Afghanistan; the first war took place from 1839-1842, and and the second from 1878-1880. Though history dictates the conclusion of both British invasions (in which neither side really wins the wars and the Britons retreat twice, but still accomplish their objectives), Forbes' account is saturated with details of the occupations and soldiers' experiences, while still conveying the overall experience and outcome of each war. It also includes illustrations of important figures and war plans which complement Forbes' descriptions. This work is perfect for students of British and Middle Eastern military history. ARCHIBALD FORBES (1838-1900) was a British war correspondent born in Morayshire, Scotland. He attended the University of Aberdeen before entering the Royal Dragoons as a private. He was injured and released from his regiment; he was working as a journalist in London when the Franco-Prussian War began in 1870 and he was drafted to the front lines as a correspondent. He became a representative for the Daily News which publicized his work in intelligence transmission. After the war, he traveled to Spain, India, Serbia, Cyprus, and South Africa, working for the Daily News and reporting on various wars and campaigns. Forbes also authored several books, including an autobiography, about his experiences.

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