The Phenomenology of Mind (Two Volumes in One) by Georg W. F. Hegel The Phenomenology of Mind (Two Volumes in One)
by Georg W. F. Hegel

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A sweeping investigation of how knowledge is obtained by means of absolute truth, including how the spirit reveals itself as absolute reality, The Phenomenology of Mind is an intellectual tour-de-force and represents a great philosophical work for the ages. Originally published in German in 1807, Hegel proffers his unique viewpoint that knowledge is not separated from, nor outside of, absolute reality-but that knowledge is itself reality, and posits that reality is mental and spiritual. Presented here as two volumes in one, it includes: • Intention and Method of the Argument of the Phenomenology • Consciousness and Self-Consciousness • [The Nature of] Free Concrete Mind: Reason • [The Nature of] Free Concrete Mind: Spirit • Absolute Knowledge • And much more... German philosopher GEORG WILHELM FRIEDRICH HEGEL (1770-1831) was born in Stuttgart and studied at Tübingen, where his contemporaries included Schelling and the poet Hölderlin. As a philosophical disciple of Kant, Hegel was of the Idealist School of philosophers and remained an unparalleled influence on German philosophy throughout the 19th century. Additional works by Hegel include: The Objective Logic (1812-13), The Subjective Logic (1816), Encyclopedia of the Philosophical Sciences in Outline (1817), and Philosophy of Right (1821).

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  • Published on: December 01, 2011
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