Landmarks of Scientific Socialism: Anti-Duehring by Friedrich Engels Landmarks of Scientific Socialism: Anti-Duehring
by Friedrich Engels

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In 1875, Dr. Eugene Duehring, a professor at Berlin University, proclaimed himself converted to Socialism, and even went so far as to promulgate his own theories on the philosophy. German philosopher FRIEDRICH ENGELS (1820-1895), who had coauthored The Communist Manifesto with Karl Marx in 1848, was not pleased, and set out to refute Duehring in this highly charged work. First published in German in 1878, this 1907 English translation offers valuable insight into the thinking of one of the founders of 19th century socialism, as well as a peek inside the academic infighting that made the philosophy so lively. Whether denouncing Herr Duehring's "ignorance and arrogance" or carefully explaining the many ways in which his opponent derails himself by his own faulty logic, Engels is an entertaining and enlightening teacher.

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  • Published on: May 01, 2009
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