Life of Lord Kitchener, Volume 1 by Sir George Arthur Life of Lord Kitchener, Volume 1
by Sir George Arthur

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Editorial Review
In this sweeping 1920 biography of Horatio Herbert Kitchener, better known as Lord Kitchener, Sir George Arthur shines a bright light on the British military leader and statesman who, during World War I, organized armies on an unprecedented scale and became famous as the face on British recruitment posters. Volume I covers Kitchener's birth in Ireland in 1850 through his governorship of the British Red Sea territories, ascension to commander-in-chief of the Egyptian army and, in 1900, to commander-in-chief of the Boer War. Written only four years after his death in 1916, this valuable historical account by a friend and contemporary offers a look behind the handlebar mustache and pointing finger of the man whose "Your country needs YOU" posters later inspired those of the United States during World War II. British writer SIR GEORGE ARTHUR (1860-1946) also wrote A Septuagenarian's Scrapbook and Not Worth Reading.

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  • Publisher: Cosimo Classics
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  • ISBN-13: 978-1-60206-363-1
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  • Published on: April 15, 2007
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