Fragments of Truth by Richard Ingalese Fragments of Truth
by Richard Ingalese

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The word occult may imply witchcraft or magic, but in fact, simply deals in what is hidden or secret, including the hidden truths of the spiritual realm. Fragments of Truth (originally published in 1921) is a collection of articles and essays written by New Thought pioneers and spiritual explorers Richard and Isabella Ingalese. Ranging in topics from the physio/psycho-science of vibrations to freeing the soul to Jesus Christ, each author proves him- or herself a poetic courier of metaphysical intelligence, delivering the divine secrets that are the keys to gaining a fulfilling life, a higher mind, and a deeper soul. American lawyer RICHARD INGALESE (b. 1854) and his wife, psychic and healer ISABELLA INGALESE (b. 1863) were self-taught alchemists and proponents of New Thought. The pair, who claimed to have confected the true Philosopher's Stone, which confers immortality and turns common metals into gold, disappeared in the early 20th century. Before their disappearance, they authored several articles and books, including History and Power of Mind (1902), Astrology and Health (1927), and Cosmogony and Evolution (1907).

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  • Published on: April 15, 2007
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