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Stikker, Allerd

ALLERD STIKKER is chairman and founder of The Ecological Management Foundation (EMF) in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, which is dedicated to restoring the balance between human needs and the planet’s resources, with a focus on the relationship between the economy, technology, and ecology. He has wide corporate experience as former CEO and president of Dutch multinationals RSV and Akzo; a clear understanding of technology issues gleaned from his training as a chemical engineer at Delft Technical University; and a broad vision strengthened by his master’s degree in theology at the University of Leeds.

Under the auspices of EMF, Stikker has initiated several projects for corporations and think tanks dealing with ecology and technology, including those conducting extensive research into and development of sustainable desalination of water. Stikker’s fascination with the importance of water for our global society has led him to share his experiences in this book. His other books include: Closing the Gap: Exploring the History of Gender Relations (2002) and Tao, Teilhard en Westers Denken (1988).

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