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Adams, John D.

A graduate of Wittenberg University, Case Institute of Technology, and Case Western Reserve University, John Adams has been a professor, speaker, author, consultant, and seminar leader. He has resided at the forefront of the Organization Development and Transformation profession for over 40 years. His early articulation of issues facing organizations has provided a guiding light for the evolution of organization and change management consulting. He is presently serving on the Boards of Directors of Prevention International: No Cervical Cancer ( and the Murphys (CA) Community Club.

Until his retirement in 2010, John served as the Chair of the Organizational Systems Ph.D. Program at the Saybrook Graduate School (San Francisco) and as a guest faculty member at The Bainbridge Island Graduate Institute in the MBA in Sustainability program.

John is the author of 10 books and over 50 articles and book chapters in the areas of health and stress, change leadership, organizational and personal development, and sustainability. His latest book, Thinking Today as if Tomorrow Mattered: The Rise of a Sustainable Consciousness (2000), is the culmination of several years’ research, speaking, and writing. This project began while he was the chair of the sustainable development task force at The World Business Academy (1990), and developed through numerous public presentations throughout the 90s.

John founded of Eartheart Enterprises, an international speaking, publishing, and consulting business (1976-2010). He previously served as Manager of Organization Consulting at Blue Shield of California; as manager in executive education and workplace effectiveness at Sun Microsystems; Director of Professional Development at the NTL Institute; and as a Visiting Lecturer at The University of Leeds (U.K.). John’s earlier books, Transforming Work and Transforming Leadership, are widely held as defining a new role for the Organization Development profession in a rapidly transforming world. His co-authored book (with Sabina A. Spencer), Life Changes has been a popular self-help book for people undergoing major change for over 20 years.

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