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Böhtlingk, Louis

Louis Böhtlingk is a trained intuitive and psychic counselor, certified bookkeeper, workshop leader, and founder of the World Finance Initiative and Care First World. He started working as a psychic counselor in 1981 in the Netherlands. After he met his wife Sandra in 1983, she joined his practice, and since then they have travelled extensively to the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands to broaden their network.

In the late eighties Louis started addressing issues with money, survival, and work, which led him to develop a vision for a Love Based Economy and Care First World. In 2003 he created a transformational workshop, “Meeting the Mystery of Money,” to address society’s relationship with money and assist people in moving from fear to trust. His book Dare to Care contains all his experience, insights, and the vision he gained over thirty years of working in finance. He deeply embraces personal transformation in relation to money issues and advocates and embodies the deeply-needed paradigm shift in the field of economics and finance. Dare to Care invites everyone to participate in this transformation and shows many successful initiatives started in the last forty years that exemplify the application of love and care in finance and economics. Since the release of Dare to Care, his message is spreading and receiving wide recognition. Louis and Sandra live in the heart of Scotland near Loch Tay in Perthshire.

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